Sarah in Matchbook Mag!!!

Sarah's Postcard in Matchbook!

Holy smokes!  Matchbook Mag Issue 2 features a postcard from my hometown written by a lovely girl that I've known for quite awhile!  It's so weird that the place where I grew up is in one of my favorite online mags -- and what's even more weird is that I know the author.  Sarah, two years younger than me, and I ran around in the same social circle in high school and have kept in touch through social networking after.  I really got to know her one summer when we worked at Richmond's country club concession stand by the pool -- we affectionately called our work place the Arlington Snack Shack -- Sarah, our friend Megan, and I were hated by our boss because we chit chatted about fanciful things through our shifts and made up games and drinks.  Another memory I have of Sarah involves us & Megan (again!) going to a Blood Brothers show --- ha!  Anyone remember The Blood Brothers?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller? 

Anyway - Sarah is one of the most motivated people I know.  She's always doing crazy things and getting hyper involved in the most amazing organizations.  Homegirl was even Deputy Chief of Staff for our governor - she's not even mid-twenties yet!  Find all her great accomplishments HERE at her website.  She also has my favorite blog out in the blogosphere - Tickety Boo -- she's freakin stylish to boot!

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