accidental photo.

I found this on my phone today.  I didn't realize I had taken it and wondered why I took it.  I didn't really "take" it because I soon realized it was just an accidental picture taken when I was showing Mcakes how to use a photoapp on her phone.  But I thought this accidental photo was kinda neat.  It showcases some favorite things in my room as seen from the view of me laying in my bed.

My bed, with my pink vintage chenille bedspread I love with all my heart.  My dog with a bone.  My oak armoire, and on top:  a white tree limb lamp (a matching lamp sits on my nightstand); a wooden elephant; two colorful hat boxes; a glass Buddha head; some lucky bamboo.  On the walls:  a floral wall hanging purchased on my trip to Hong Kong; a winter landscape painting made by a childhood best friend's grandmother.  My old mirror I got at a flea market and freshened up with a coat of white paint, on it hangs my favorite thrifted leather bag.  The mirror's reflection shows my Ganesha tapestry.

So those are a few favorites.  Thought I'd share because in just a short time this bedroom will be deconstructed and I'll move some place faraway and who knows where these favorites will end up.


  1. That's actually a very cool picture1 Awwww, cute doggie...

  2. Thank you :)

    She's very cute. But majorly sassy & spoiled ;)

  3. i adore accidental photos like these--have you ever checked out the background of photos!? I love seeing what else I capture ;) this photo is fabulous! so happy to have stumbled on your blog...I'm a fellow midwesterner :) though I now call New England home. have a fantastic weekend! xoxo {av}

    p.s. I think you might love Friday's Fancies...you'd rock at it in my opinion ;)

  4. Hi! Oh my! I've stumbled on your blog too and NEED to put it in my blog roll. I love your blog and need to catch up. My man and I are currently doing the distance thing - although thankfully, we see each other almost every weekend and I'll be moving in with him in a couple of month. Glad to see everything has worked out for you!

    And Friday's Fancies sound amazing! I'd love to do one sometime! Thanks sweets :)