busy season.

We are starting another busy season in our lives.  The end of summer and fall always bring visitors and places to go and people to see.  It's lovely.  I love having people over to our house and entertaining, but sometimes you do need a break - so it's been nice that we've had a little bit of a lull.  John was away this weekend, but I was still around... but now our "busy season" is officially starting.  This week we have a friend visiting and this weekend I have training for working the equestrian events for the Special Olympics in my area (I'm SO excited because I used to work Special Olympics for years but only in the swimming events, this is my first time with horses -- this year I've been working with a therapeutic riding program & will be helping some clients in the Special Olympics), visiting Kentucky & bringing our friend Shane along with us, John has another trip planned, we both have a wedding to attend (anyone remember my "housewife?" Well, she's getting married in October and John is marrying her! how fun!), the actual Special Olympics, then my birthday & Halloween (we might try and go for a trip), and then Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we might be hosting some friends for that... PHEW.  I'm exhausted typing all this out. 

I've been good about posting more lately and I'm going to try and keep it up.  I'll just say that the "schedule" option is awesome.  I make a bunch of posts at once when I have time and then schedule them to post through the week.  Brilliant!

So. Many. Words.  Okay, here have a picture of my baby girl.  She's my favorite.  We had a bunch of major cuddle sessions this past weekend while John was gone. 

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  1. So many fun plans! And congratulations to your former housewife! That's going to be awesome. :)