S and I went to the co-op for lunch today.  We both got the vegetarian lunch special and they didn't have my favorite drink, so I got this instead.  Basically, it promises to give me superpowers.  The slimy grit mixed with the tartness of the raspberry make this kombucha magical apparently.  S and I decided with our new found superpowers we will create world peace. 

Our action plan:
1.  smile and give everyone in the world a hug and tell them they're wonderful.
2.  give everyone a puppy. (or a kitten if they aren't dog people.) (there is no plan for if these people don't like animals in general because we can't imagine a world where this is the case.)
3.  watch the world come together in harmony.

Happy Thursday to you.  I hope you have a beautiful day.  You're wonderful.